Why CNA Certification Is Important?

Is this Career Move right for me? 

You need to have a desire along with compassion for helping people to join as a CNA. Working in this field is not easy but the rewards are really heartwarming. When becoming a CNA it will be initially tough and sometimes the work load may be very heavy leaving you tired and overwhelmed with work. However if you can manage stress successfully and take on the patients with compassion then this is the right job for you offering lot of personal satisfaction. But if you look at this job as any other career offering good pay then this may not be right choice for you as passion and dedication towards offering services to the patients is a must. You will need to have a certain level of maturity, self-confidence; lots of patience and interpersonal skills to deal with the patients as these are mandatory qualities for any health care workers.

Becoming Certified 

One thing to remember is that every state has different requirements as to how many hours will be needed along with the course and practical training for getting certified. If you are not sure about the requirements in your state then you can the State Nurse Aide Registry or the State Licensing Board for full information.

When doing research in your area to find programs that are offered for the CNA certification there are many different ways it might be listed. CAN is also referred to as the following:

  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nurse’s Aide
  • Patient Care Technicians
  • Orderlies
  • Home Health Aides


It does not matter whichever state you might reside but everyone require proper training to become a CNA. If you are just starting out your career then search for healthcare facilities that are local or nursing homes for your training program. There are many of these facilities that not only offer free classes, but also pay stipend in training and it usually takes 2 to 6 weeks of full time classes to complete the course and prepare for the certification exam. The facility will often mandate that once the schooling is completed that you remain at their facility and work for a certain amount of time as per the contract. Some also will pay for the test required by the state.

There also is an option of going to school and attending CNA classes at your local community college. The Red Cross too offers the needed training for CNAs. The classes will last longer and can actually stretch over the course of six months and could cost from $300-$600 for the proper training. The reason for this expense is the training is much more extensive which gives CNA’s more confidence while working in the field since they are better trained. Hands on training is the key to success in this field of work. Once the training has been completed then you will be ready to take the state test. These are usually conducted on certain days at particular time and your trainer will be able to give you more information regarding this exam.


The test is going to contain two sections, one is clinical and the other is written. Many people get nervous on the clinical portion of the test. The training schools know that many people fumble on clinical skills and hence give them more training on those aspects. The practical portion of this test will have you demonstrate a variety of nursing assistant skills in a medical setting.

While doing nursing duties you should always remember the safety measures that were taught. Every patient needs privacy and you always need to remember to maintain their dignity. So be polite and knock on doors before entering, utilize the privacy curtains and keep patients covered up as much as possible. Always be kind and introduce yourself to the patient and before performing any care taking duty take the time to explain what you will be doing at all times to make the patients feel comfortable.