CNA Jobs- Requirements and Duties

Certified Nursing Assistants are important members in hospital staff and nursing homes, as well as other facilities that provide medical care for people. They are direct link between the patient and doctor, and thus demand for CNAs is obvious these days with so many job ads to fill the vacancies.

CNAs work directly with patient and under supervision of nurse, providing direct care and assistance for patient in daily activities, such as:

  • getting dressed and changing clothes
  • helping with bath and regular daily hygiene
  • bringing and serving food, as well as assistance with eating
  • cleaning and making bed
  • helping with going to toilet or with catheter function
  • getting bodily signs (temperature, pulse, pressure) and noting them for doctor’s review
  • providing assistance during walking
  • helping with ordered exercises
  • providing physical assistance to patients (getting into and out of wheelchair)
  • regular turning of patients tied to bed
  • informing nurse about every health change
  • keeping documentation up-to-date and neat
  • after-death care

One can observe from all above mentioned duties that CNAs have wide range of sensitive and responsible duties that are highly demanding and necessary on a daily level. This is the reason why need for CNAs is on rise these days. Numerous medical institutions search for qualified CNAs, and provide competent salary for them. When you observe work ads for CNAs in USA, you will find out that starting pay for CNAs is approximately $12 per hour. Precise hourly payments vary from one state to another and from one institution to other, and it can even rise to $18 per hour based on experience and demand.

Need for CNAs

No matter how high and obvious need for CNAs in United states, there are still possibilities that someone might have better chances of landing in this job, although they might have the same qualification and experience as the other candidate. How does that happen? Well, great CV and self-presentation does wonders, even in this type of professions.

First of all, it is extremely important to leave a good impression on the employer even before you say a word. It is always a better choice to dress in simple and clean clothes. Good dress-code for perfect first impression is: suit or a simple dress, with knee-length skirt is what you need. Shoes should not have open toes or pointed high heels. Keep jewelry and make-up simple and limited.

As with the clothes and shoes, you should also be well “groomed”. Have simple and neat haircut as well as clean and short fingernails.

Importance of personal impression:

After this element of personal impression, let’s move to others things like punctuality. CNAs have responsible job and keeping excellent track of schedules and timelines is simply a must. You definitely have to arrive on time better earlier but must not be late.

As soon as you arrive to medical institution, address everyone with professional and kind attitude. Your potential employer may enquire those people you have got in contact to check your attitude. So being professional, yet warm and kind will definitely be a plus for your interview.

Never chew any bubble gums while attending an interview. It is best if you are not a smoker, but in case it’s best to avoid smoking hours before the interview to stay clean and fresh.

 Body language during interview session

During interview, have a positive body language showing confidence and professionalism. You need to sit calm and straight-up, smiling appropriately to leave a warm impression. Establish eye contact often particularly while speaking with a person who has asked you a question.

Don’t be shy and try to keep yourself relaxed during interview. You have to speak confidently and straight while presenting your work experience. Don’t speak negatively about previous employers as this potential employer will see himself in the shoes of your previous employer!

You finally have to leave an impression of a poised person with lot of confidence and determination to carry on your duties.

If you follow the above advices it is sure that you shall land in the job to prove that you were worth the position.