Write effective Medical Assistant Resume to win over your dream job

Resume is the first thing that creates an impression about yourself to the recruiter and hence needs to be carefully written and drafted highlighting your strengths and how you can be the best candidate for the position that you have been applying. Though there are so many job openings for the medical assistants again there is definitely a good competition for the job positions in the best health organizations in town.


A resume should not only highlight your skills, experience and education qualification but should also reflect your personality that the recruiter should be enticed to call you for a personal interview to know more about your qualities and professionalism suitable for the job.


Tips for writing the medical assistant resume       

  • Highlight your contact information

Just like in any resume you need to first make your name and contact information highly visible including the address, phone number and email address at the top of the resume in clear and bold format.


  • Resume should be tailor made for the specific job and company

You need to tailor make the resume for the company and position you have been applying for by studying the company profile and job description to match your skills and knowledge accordingly. By looking at the resume the recruiter should it exactly matches their requirements and call for an interview.


  • Come up with an objective that exhibits the purpose of applying for the job

Your objective should reflect why you’re applying for this particular job, your goals and suitability for the position


  • Highlight your experience in handling administrative procedures

You need to highlight your administrative skills as part of the job responsibilities which may include handling:

  • Making appointments for the patients and answering calls
  • General skills like typing and transcription
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing medical files and computerization
  • Medical billing, coding and insurance knowledge


  • Highlight important clinical skills in the resume
    • Assisting physicians during patient examination and procedures
    • Taking vital signs and noting medical history
    • Preparation for treatment and medication
    • Knowledge in first aid, infection control and CPR
    • Administering injections and medications as per the physicians suggestions
    • Sterilizing medical equipments


  • List education, experience and credentials

You need to include information regarding your educational qualifications and credentials like certified medial assistant along with the job experience where you have previously worked. You can highlight the job responsibilities handled and special achievements like getting any rewards etc. It is also important that you mention the name of the organization worked with the employer name

  • Mention 2 or 3 professional references

You can give references from the past medical facilities you have worked for and also teachers or instructors who know you better.

Though you need to cover all the above mentioned information in the medical assistant resume it is important that you keep the resume limited to one or two pages with precise information. It should be in an impressive format in simple font without any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

It is also better that you prepare the resume in your own words reflecting your expertise, skills and potential suitable for the job. Proof reading is a must before forwarding any resume and if necessary can take the assistance of friends or family to have a final check.

Along with a professional resume you also need to have a good covering letter that plays a major role in enticing the hiring manager’s interest to go through your resume.

With a perfect resume speaking about your abilities there is no doubt that you can easily get a call for the interview and land in your dream job.

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