Enhance your skills for getting best medical assistant salary

Those looking out for a lucrative career without much educational qualification can indeed look out for the medical assistant jobs that offer a great career path as well as attractive salary with ever growing demand for the medical assistants. 

Demand for medical assistants

There is lot of demand for the medical assistants according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics as they are the back bone in the medical facilities handling both the administrative and clinical duties effectively to run the medical organizations smoothly. The best part is that anyone having interest to join the medial field can become medical assistants with short training period to work in a professional environment with good work culture, great working hours and above all attractive salary for the kind of education and training involved in getting this job.

Medical assistant duties and certification

The medical assistant duties include both clinical assistance to the physicians in treating the patients, taking care of medical equipments, first aid to patients etc and also looking after the administrative work like fixing appointments to the patients, checking their insurance forms, processing bills and so on.

These duties can be learnt by the aspirants through on the job training or by attending medical assistant schools that train them on all the required aspects. However, many of the medical facilities prefer to take certified medical assistants for the job.

So it is important that those looking out for good medical assistant salary should appear for the board examination being conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) that certify the candidates as proficient in handling all the duties assigned for a medical assistant. With this certification one can surely negotiate for a much better salary and find jobs in reputed medical facilities.

Medical assistant salary

The medical assistant salary is dependent on many factors but on average it amounts to $ 30,550 per annum and the lowest salary for about 10% of the total employees averages to around $ 21,080 while the top 10% medical assistant salary averages to around $41, 570 which is quite attractive and can be achieved by anyone who gain experience in the industry and are dedicated to their services.

Benefits and perks

Apart from the salary medical assistants are also provided with additional benefits and perks like health care, pension, paid time off, bonus, education reimbursement, sick days, insurance and also taxes enhancing the compensation package.


The medical assistant salary is also influenced based on their work area as those working in the physicians’ offices earn less than those working in medical facilities as their duties are more specific and the required skill sets and demand for job knowledge is more. Similarly medical assistants working in departments like surgery, laboratory, radiology, postoperative and some critical care facilities are being paid much better.

So one should also choose either they wanted to become administrative medical assistants or clinical medical assistants as the later gets better salary than the former.

Salary negotiation

Anyone looking for a good pay need to negotiate and medical assistants are no exception. Their negotiation can be strong if they good options in their hand and hence they need to attend interviews for different medical facilities and negotiate for a better pay considering their experience and opportunities in hand. The salary range also varies from location to location based on the local conditions and demand for the medical assistants in the area.

Career growth

Medical assistants can also increase their salary range by enhancing their experience and doing specialized certification courses in podiatry, optometry or ophthalmology in clinical assistance or advancing to office administration role by doing such courses for a bright a future.

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