Georgia Offers Best Career For Medical Assistants

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If you are staying in Georgia and looking for a career in medical field the State offers good opportunities to medical assistants with so many medical facilities looking forward for qualified MA’s to assist the physicians and taking care of the administrative tasks.

Employment potential for medical assistants in Georgia

The current employment trends in the State show tremendous potential for medical assistants with Georgia being in the top ten for providing these jobs according to the bureau of labor statistics. It is estimated that a growth of 34% shall be seen by the year 2016 which means an increase in the existing number of medical assistants.

Salary and career growth in Georgia

Present salary in the state ranges to an average wage of $13.50 per hour and those who are more experienced and certified can earn much better along with other employee benefits. However to sustain the competition for best jobs in reputed health organizations one should get themselves well trained in the schools that offer accredited programs through ABHES or CAAHEP.

Training schools in Georgia

The training schools in Georgia offer both diploma and degree programs with externships in ambulatory care facilities. These programs actually make the aspirants confident in handling their duties of assisting the physicians during surgical procedures or direct care to patients and also being able to handle multitasks like administrative work.

However before joining the training course one should check whether the schools have qualified trainers and all the required facilities and equipment to take the classes. Once the training has been completed they can take the medial assistant certification exam conducted by AAMA to find better offers in the state of Georgia.

Many schools offer good support in providing financial aid to the students and also with job placements for them to settle down in this career.

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