Importance of CNA Training – Simulated Real time experience of a CNA


A prosperous future can be had in the medical field. If you are a student or are in between jobs, this is the perfect time to get in this field. When considering this line of work there will be lots of job opportunities that will need you to travel or work for a local nursing home. Something that needs to be kept in mind is the salary will vary depending upon where the company that you are working for. The salary is usually paid by the hour and varies from $10 to $16 an hour. Before you can be a CNA you will need to go to school and get certified as one.


Red Cross

CNA training classes can be found at the Red Cross. Their staff is highly qualified. All throughout the county the certification from the Red Cross is well recognized. Since every state is different on the requirements for obtaining the certification the durations of training will vary in every state. There will be 11 modules that the standard training consists of and you will also need to spend time on the campus training which will usually be 100 to 200 hours. Schools are putting their efforts into the training so the student can succeed in passing the state exam. Before signing on with a school, always check their accreditation with the Board of Nursing for the state.


Online Training

There are many schools that offer online training for obtaining the proper training. Many people find online training easier since it is more flexible than sitting in a class. If you are working, the online training can work around it so you can still get the classes that are needed. If funds are short then you could seek work at a nursing home and receive training through them. There will be around 100 to 200 hours just for bookwork plus you can receive hands on training while helping out in the wards. Once all requirements have been met then you can apply for taking the exam in order to receive certification. The work load will be intense while being required to work under pressure. This is usually where people learn if this career choice is actually for them or not.


Certification Exam

Once all the training has been successfully completed, then you will be ready to tackle the two part exam with the state. In the first part there will be multiple questions where it is up to you to pick the correct answer. The second part of the test is the practical exam. This is where you are taken to an actual ward and there will be situations that you will deal with. There is nothing easy about either part of the exam so make sure and get lots of hands on while doing the training and take lots of notes for studying before attempting the exam. There are only certain times and dates the exam is given so it is very crucial to be fully prepared in advance.


Certificate in Hand

After all the schooling and going before the state you have your certificate in hand. Now you will be considered a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are not fixed amounts for salary when entering into this line of work. Depending upon what you like better there are hospitals that have work or you can choose to go through an organization that sends CNAs directly to the patient’s home. Depending upon where you are employed the main duties will be checking blood pressure, pulse rates, and body temperature. In a hospital it is your job to assist the RNs. This will be routine work and cleaning medical equipment and also monitoring it.